Climatology & Survey Lab

Climatic studies are an integral part of the design studios. Climatic information of the place is an important parameter applied in the design of buildings. Hence climatology forms an important part of the curriculum of the B.Arch. programme.  To meet the quality of standard and conduct experiments as per curriculum of B.Arch., Climatology Lab of SDMCA is well equipped with the following equipment's conducting experiments

  1. Heliodon.
  2. Wind Stimulator.
  3. Cup Anemometer.
  4. Maximum and Minimum Thermometer.
  5. Rain gauge.

The laboratory aims in making the students aware of the various equipment's related to climatology, various ways and means of collecting climatic data. It also facilitates the students to do the various experiments and assignments for taking effective design decisions.
The college has a surveying  and levelling lab that is equipped with all the requisite equipment.
As Survey is a practical subject in Architecture which needs instruments for measurement of plots and its contours.